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WebTV Favorites

#14 See Your Favorite Web Sites

The two most popular ways to view the Internet on a computer are through Netscape Navigator or Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Both of these web browsers(software that allows you to view the Internet) can save web sites so that you can access them at a later time without having to retype the web site address(URL). The WebTV also allows you to save web pages into the "Favorites" section. The difference is that the WebTV will actually save a thumbnail image of that web page so you can actually see the image of the web sites you've saved. A computer would need a lot of hard drive space and memory to accomplish this feature.

None of the Favorites are saved on the WebTV unit. They are saved at WebTV Networks therefore you can access your favorites from wherever you dial-in nationwide with your terminal. This also means that if your unit was destroyed, you can buy a new box and have it reprogramed with your registration information and have your favorites, emails, and settings saved.

BOTTOM LINE: WebTV has features that computers cannot offer due to the limitation of engineering.