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WebTV Email

#5 Email Checking

We've established that dialing into the Internet can take 5-8 minutes so computer users who have a computer just for email have to go through this time consuming process just to check their email. And if there are no new messages they have to go through the ritual of shutting the computer down. the WebTv actually turns on at the desired time and will check to see if you have any mail waiting for you. If you do, a red light at the front of the box will light up indicating that you have new mail.

Message WatchTM Technology periodically wakes up the WebTV Internet Terminal when it is off to dial-in and check for new E-mail, then lights up the message LED on the set-top box to notify the user.

Though the WebTV doesn't take long to dial-in, it's good to know when you have a message waiting for you instead of checking all the time.

BOTTOM LINE: The WebTV saves you time by checking your email for you.