Kids Shield Child Watch Electronic Monitor
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High Tech Protection for your Infant,Toddler (newborn to preschool)
as well as the aged, senile, Alzheimer's patients, nursing home walk-aways, etc. and Valuable Peace of Mind for You

Kids Shield Child Watch Electronic Monitor

**NEW K*I*D*S PRODUCT RELEASE** <P> The new K*I*D*S Shield (tm) Child Watch Monitor <P> "HIGH-TECH PROTECTION FOR YOUR INFANT OR TODDLER..and valuable Peace-Of-Mind for YOU!"

K*I*D*S Shield™ Child-Watch Monitor is an electronic sound monitoring system for your new-born to preschool child. (Note: This product also works well for the aged, senile, Alzheimer's patients, nursing home walk-aways, etc.) The system is fully portable for use at home, shopping malls, parks, play grounds, swimming pools, etc. You are able to constantly HEAR your child's activities such as playing, crying, or talking to a stranger. If your child strays too far, an alarm sounds. This monitor adds a whole new dimension to child security and safety. Early on, it can be used as a conventional baby monitor. As your child grows older, the Child-Watch can be belted on for outdoor use.

If your child should hurt him or herself, you will hear.
If someone speaks to your child, you will hear.
If your child falls into water, you will be beeped.
If your child's unit is turned off, or if the child exceeds a certain distance (150 feet), you will be beeped.
SIGHT & SOUND ALARM: -------------------- The parent's receiver is designed to beep and a red light comes on when : (1) the transmitter (your child) moves out of range, (2) someone (an abductor) turns off the transmitter, (3) your child (with the transmitter) falls into the water, or (4) the transmitter battery is low.

A green light on the parent's receiver shows when the transmitter is on and working.
Both the light weight transmitter and the receiver require one standard 9 volt battery. Two AC adapters are included. Isn’t it time you put this high-tech, state-of-the-art personal protection monitor to work for you? When combined with the K*I*D*S Shield(tm) Child Protection System subscription you’ll have the peace-of-mind that you deserve...and have every right to expect.

SHIPPING: Monitors will be shipped via UPS. Shipping & Handling is $5.00 on a single unit.
=========================== PRODUCT WARRANTY ===========================

The K*I*D*S Shield (tm) Child Watch Monitor comes with a ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY against defects in materials or workmanship.


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