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K*I*D*S Shield (tm) Child Protection System is a wonderful new service aimed at reducing the incidence of missing and abducted children in the United States by providing informative materials and database services geared towards keeping children safe.

A key component of K*I*D*S Shield (tm) is its instant response notification system, which quickly distributes information about a subscribed child in the event that the child is reported missing. Law officials agree that speed of response is a central key to finding missing children...

THIS SERVICE IS TOO IMPORTANT FOR CONCERNED FAMILY MEMBERS TO IGNORE! The high incidence of missing children is REAL! Last year, approximately 1.8 MILLION children were missing! Unfortunately, for some people, waiting until tomorrow for K*I*D*S Shield (tm) protection may be too late!

The BEST TIME to get the information about the children you love into the K*I*D*S Shield (tm) database is RIGHT NOW!

Learn more about how the K*I*D*S Shield (tm) Child Protection System can help protect the children you love by submitting the form below! (If your browser is not forms-capable, please e-mail your name, phone number, and postal address to: kids@a-parent.com). You'll also be able to learn about our terrific marketing opportunity for independent distributors!

When you submit this form, you will immediately be sent information via e-mail, and your web browser will bring you to the K*I*D*S Shield (tm) main web site. Before submitting the form, please note that you were referred by D.T. Davis, KD 26 (your enroller and sponsor).

Requests that do not include your e-mail address cannot be processed via this form. Information may also be obtained via fax-on-demand at: 703-736-1655, Document # 300 (Nine pages, with application) .

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