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Internet Access:

Mayberry USA Family Friendly $19.95/mo
WebTV - Clasic or Plus
Computers and Accessories

Webpage Design:

$50 Basic Web Page
$100 2-3 page WebSite
Advanced Website. Call for quote.

Web Hosting:

Free - Tripod Hosting (
$5/month - Sub Domain Hosting (
$10/month Domain Hosting (

Exposure for Your Website:

Free - Linking on a Tripod Directory
$50 - Linking to AMT/ATA
$29.95/ea - URL plates for your car

Miscellaneous for Businesses:

$49./yr - Unlimited Access to DPEC Courses
$varies - Computer Products
$25 - Y2K Test
$varies - Emergency Preparedness Supplies
$25/mo. - Pre-paid Legal
$?/ea - Cellular Service
$varies - Credit Cards On-line
$? - ESA - Electronic Secretary

Products for Kids at Home or at School:

$15 - FamilyUpdates
$varies - Create-A-Classic Projects
$varies - Beanie Baby Products
$9.95 and up - Brite Music
$varies - Usborne Books
$9 - Oh Scrud! Card Game
$15.95 - Totally Insane Card Game
$varies - Smoochies Fruit Drink
$varies - Emergency Preparedness Supplies

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