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It's no secret -----

But just having a webpage does not guarantee success! The secret to any advertising -- and especially internet advertising -- is exposure, exposure, exposure!! You need to be found. But advertising can be expensive!

Pick up that beat up old yellow pages directory sitting next to your telephone and open it up. Which ads do you notice first? The BIG ones, right? Of course, but how many small businesses can afford the BIG ones at $500-$3,000 dollars PER MONTH? Well, my small business couldn't!! And so I got the 1/4" ad for only $35 per month. A little more in my price range.

We all know the yellow page ads work. We have to be there.--
Well, what if I told you that for pennies per day you could have that full page, full color and 'fully interactive' ad not just here in your local area, but nationwide to 12 million potential customers, and growing?

Would that interest you?

Now, close the yellowpages directory and turn it over to the back. What a great location for an ad, huh? Every business would like to have their ad on the backcover-- after all, location is everything when it comes to advertising!

Well, what if I told you that for those same pennies per day you spend on the full page, full color, "fully interactive" ad, you could place that full page, full color, "fully interactive" ad in the top spot of the directory?

No additional cost for the #1 spot--
in this case it's timing that is everything!

In the past consumers have gone to the yellowpages to locate the businesses they want to purchase products and services from. However, our world is quickly changing. In the future consumers will continue to go to the yellowpage directories, but not those big books that take up far too much room in the cupboard. They will be going to the yellowpages on-line. Already web happy consumers all over the nation are filling the landfills with (fully degradable) phone books and turning instead to the internet for the information they need.

National Research conducted in December of 1997 showed that at the time 19-21% of the nation's households were currently on the internet, but that by the year 2000 80-90% of households would be surfing the 'net. Improved technology has removed all of the barriers of the past (cost, complexity, fears and time) and people are rushing to this new medium at a breakneck pace. Not only will they be "on the internet," but in general consumers will be much more educated about how to fully utilize this new technology for saving time and money. A big part of that is contacting potential providers of products and services and consuming right from the confort of their own homes. In other words, if you aren't there you won't be found!!

The time to begin developing your webpresence and learning how to market your products and services effectively is NOW! For just $99 you can get your business listed with, the fastest growing on-line directory on the Internet today. By the way....that's $99 FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR!! That's right...not a monthly fee but a full year of full page, full color, 'fully interactive' on-line advertising in a location the consumers are literally flocking to.

This gives you a 2-3 page website for the ad to link to and the listing with This is a GREAT WAY for businesses that do not yet have a webpresence and for home-based businesses that want to get the word out about what they do. For businesses with existing webpages it is a well designed page that becomes a very impressive go between for your ad and your existing webpage.

Here's exactly what you get:

Full-color, personalized, global website (1-2 graphics, 200-300 words, and links to Email and


Whether advertising locally, nationwide, or Internationally, you can't beat this value. is one of the best ways to assure that your business gets found on the internet.

In addition, order your Global Website through the InternetAdvisors and you will receive the following as a thank you:

(1) An additional webpage that can be changed at your convenience (this can be used for a calendar, seasonal specials, coupons, etc.) This requires that you have an email address.

(2) INTERNETworking Seminar tailored to your business

(3) A personal Internet Advisor working with you to get maximum exposure from your webpresence.

(4) Lowest Price Guarantee on all technology needs.

Oh yeah, and remember the back cover ad? Well here's the lists the premium listings in order of when they are ordered. That means if you order your listing first or second in your area or industry you will be listed first or second in your area or industry. That's all there is to it! You can't beat that!!