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If you have a web site, you may have found yourself asking "How do I increase web site traffic?"

Increasing site traffic is tough and can be very expensive.  You may have tried all conventional means of promotion  and may still not be reaching your target audience.

 If your business relies on a local customer base, you may not benefit from a high position on a global search engine.  You want customers at home where you can service them.  That's the PrimeLinx advantage.

"Finally! A simple, cost effective solution to increase site traffic... and you sit in it every day!"



 Your car is the answer!  Or your company's fleet of cars, vans,  or buses.  Every day,  your vehicles pass hundreds, perhaps thousands of motorists.  Imagine having your web site address catching the eye of thousands of new potential customers.  PrimeLinx URL'plates work for you whether you're in traffic or parked, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,  for the life of your vehicle... all for one low price. PrimeLinx URL'plates are attractive and eye catching. Their unique and tasteful presence really commands attention.

"I have one on my car, and I get people asking me questions about my web site all the time!  Once a guy rolled down his window to ask me about my company while I was at a red light!  He's now a client!"

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